8 different kinds of people and what they’re wearing at home

Most people right now spend most of their time indoors in order to stay safe. Especially people with socially related work or lifestyle, which makes their normal way of living to be a complete opposite of social distancing.

I mentioned before how people are coping with this season, with the focus on students. Now its time to talk about different kinds of people and what they’re wearing at home during this period.

FUN FACT- This post was inspired by Toni Tones ‘choose your character challenge’ on instagram.


People like these are sometimes restless people who like to expend their extra energy or even stress, by cleaning. They could also be people living with their parents. Parents who you’ll sometimes wonder if they “apprenticed with slave drivers”.

The housekeeper would not bother with fancy clothing, because what’s the point when It will get dirty within minutes. The housekeeper’s choice of clothing would be old T-shirts and shorts or a free gown.
Hence, their goal is to be able to move freely and also not worry about the clothes they have on, getting smeared with oil or the smell of disinfectant sticking on it which sometimes makes washing difficult.


As much as the world has been thrown into chaos and normal order of things, turned on it’s head, people like this try to maintain sanity. Even if it’s just by what they put on.

This set of people wake up, makeup, and dress like they normally would. You would fit into this category when instead of wearing that very comfy big Tee, you opt for those hot jeans you like to wear on Mondays. You makeup and then go ahead to take a couple of pictures for the Gram.


They exercise normally or they’ve just decided to start burning off some fat. This may be due to binge eating, because what else would they do! It may also be due to an innate desire to keep fit, and stay fit.

Home exercise attire by default is sport wear. Some opt for that very fancy matching sport bra and bottoms; makes for a beautiful workout video. Others sole concern is efficiency and practicability; as long as they can perform their side lunges and dog birds successfully, they’re good.


These are professionals whose companies have given them the leave to work from home. Could also be online workers, freelancers and you guessed it BLOGGERS.
Attire for this set falls into two categories. The first group can wear absolutely whatever they want to because, as much as they work from home there’s no visual aspect involved.

The second group however have a visual aspect to their jobs. It could be zoom meetings, client appointments, etc. To maintain a professional semblance, people like this dress as they would when going to their physical workplaces. Not as strictly though, most times they would leave out footwear or even be lax about the lower part of their body that isn’t visible to the camera.


These set of people change from nightwear to nightwear. Not strictly pajamas but anything comfy enough to sleep in. They see no point in wearing something else apart from their most comfortable set of clothes. What’s the point, they think, since I’m not going out anyway.


They could finish an entire series or more in 24 hours, so aim is to be as comfortable as possible. Binge watchers put on clothes that they know they’ll be comfortable wearing for several hours in a spot.

They usually have sweatshirts, cardigans or blankets handy, for when they get cold or they need to get cozy.


Different outfits for different occasions. Yes, right in their homes. These category of people could after feeling cooped up, tries to lift his/her mood by dressing up and playing it up a bit.

These set of people are gregarious by nature. Always in every social media challenge, creates new tik tok videos every day, and trying out movie character; which requires dressing to fit the part.


People that fall into this category, have chosen to try out all the new recipes they’ve found on their food blog, foodie page, all the way from Dooney’s kitchen to Sisi Yemmie’s page. They may also be cooking to relive stress like ‘the housekeeper’ above or they just enjoy cooking. The staples are the usual apron and cooking gloves and most times, expendable clothing that they don’t have to worry about.


Different people with their ways of living. Which category do you fall under?? I switch from “PJS ALL DAY” to “KEEPING IT NORMAL” most times, depending on my mood.

What do you wear at home and which of this do you fit into? Let me know in the comments below. Your comment could also get featured tomorrow on #CFF COMMENT FEATURE FRIDAY. Follow me on Instagram to catch up with that!