A Lesson On Letter Writing

.…..nothing can change the way I feel about you Nonso, not now, not ever

Love Dara

I felt proud of myself, the letter I wrote was perfect. Even my mama had always said I was a good writer, if only I could show her this, show her how beautifully I had crafted the words, but not this one, she would have my head. Now I had to decide what to do with this letter, shall I give it to Nonso or–

“Omidiora!” That was Mr Oje, my physics teacher, drawing me out of my daydreams. One side of his face was twitching, a dangerous tell. I looked around to see some of my classmates snickering and giggling into their palms.

“Did you not hear me calling you since? What is it that you’ve been writing even though I stopped dictating 10 minutes ago?” As Mr Oje stormed towards me to investigate the issue, I tried to hide the incriminating piece of paper but it was too late. Mr Oje snatched it out of my trembling hands as I considered what would really happen if I took off right now and ran out of class, it would probably make things worse. My physics teacher opened the folded up paper and scanned through, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, his mouth tilted to the side a bit. Wait, was that a smirk on the face of this devilish man? “Well, well, well” began Mr Oje as he strode back to the front of the class addressing them with all the grace of a stage narrator.

“It seems that your classmate Dara Omidiora here..” he gestured with his hands, urging me to come out “…has a letter that she’ll like to address to the class” Oh no, this could definitely not be happening to me. I would happily serve any other punishment for being distracted in class, anything but this. “Sir, please sir” I begged weakly

“My friend, will you come up here and read to the class. Let them know what you spend your time doing” he said ignoring my pleas.

“Word for word o, don’t try to play smart there” he warned.

“Dara oya now, what’s there” I heard someone say. I collected the paper from Mr Oje’s outstretched hands and began reading.

This may come as a surprise to you, but it mostly shouldn’t as my eyes have strayed to you so often these past few weeks you must have felt the heat of their gaze. I don’t know the exact moment that these feelings began but as soon as it became clear to me, it made sense, it felt right. I love the way you stride confidently into class, the conviction in your voice when you present your views to a teacher, I could never sound so bold. Maybe you’ll give me some pointers when we’re well acquainted. I do not know how to get closer to you let alone tell you how I feel, which is why I’m writing this letter, a letter that I have no plans of delivering. One thing is clear though, nothing can change the way I feel about you Nonso, not now, not ever

As I read it, my eyes had clouded over with tears and I wished I had just run out of class instead. “Is that all? Complete it now” Mr Oje said, his voice a taunt.

Love, Dara” I finished weakly.

“Wow, that’s actually not so bad” Someone said, it was Nonso, the object of my affection. Like a dam breaking, the whole class erupted into laughter just as the bell rang. “Well, that is the end of our period today, see you next week” Mr Oje said as he stood from where he had taken a seat to be entertained. He turned to me, “Dara, pack my notes and follow me”

I should have known he wouldn’t just leave it at this, if I thought this was bad, the staffroom would be worse. Oh Dara, what have you done?