10 Affordable ways to plan a hangout with friends

As young people who always have the urge to go out and most importantly, to do it with the people we love, our pockets on the other hand may not always agree with this.

Hanging out with our friends though should not break the bank, the most important thing is that you get to spend time with people you value, and who value you.

Below are 10 affordable ways to hang out with your friends and still make the best of it:

Go to the cinema for less the price

There are various ways to do this. Firstly, always find out if you can get discounts, it gets better if you’re a student. There are almost always student discounts at cinemas, they may require identification so prepare for that.

Another tip is to go on weekdays, the rush isn’t as much as weekends and as a result, the prices get dropped. Some times, cinemas give discounts when you buy bulk tickets so make sure you and your friends get your tickets together. Lastly, you can always see the lesser-priced movies instead of going for the blockbusters

Don’t wanna go to the cinema? You could always …….

Plan a Movie night/Marathon

Instead of going to the cinema, this involves convening at one person’s house among your group of friends to see movies. Snacks and drinks are a must and you could even make this a sleepover where you binge-watch an entire series, trilogy, or even see old movies.

Volunteer / perform an humanitarian service together

Volunteering provides an amazing opportunity to give back to the world, and if you and your friends are of the same mind, it could be a great way to enjoy each other’s company. Find a worthy cause around you to commit to and get your friends to do the same.

Shoot Videos together

This could be spun in many ways depending on the interests of your friends. The easiest option is to make videos together for your various social media platforms. There are so many options ranging from making TikTok videos to participating in Instagram contests and challenges, you could even start a youtube channel with your friends, imagine that!

Arrangement rotation

This just means scheduling specific days to go round each other’s houses/apartment/dorm to arrange and clean it up or whichever place your friend needs help with. this way you get to help yourselves out and also spend time together. Win-win!

Cook together

Cook something you and your friend have always known how to cook together or you guys could look up new recipes online and try to cook it together. It might end up a disaster, but hey, you tried.

Attend free events

If you look well enough and also with a quick location specific search, you’ll soon come up with a free event coming up near you. Some may be seminars, lectures, doesn’t matter as long as the subject matter interests y’all, go for it. Most times, there’s free food. What’s not to like?

Play board games

Grab a board of monopoly or any other board game, make snacks and drinks available (you could contribute for these or even make them yourselves) find a comfy spot and voila, you have yourselves a fun-filled preoccupation for the next few hours.

Exercise together

If you and your friends are a fit bunch, or you just like to hit the treadmill once in a while, align your schedules. The possibility of this one depends on the proximity of your residences. So, if possible, register at the same gym or follow the same route while jogging. Anyway you decide rocks, as long as you’re breaking fitness barriers together.

Take a class together

It could be anything, makeup workshop, web design, digital tools, painting, anything! So long as you and your friends are interested in it and it’s not expensive of course. Go for it

With Covid-19 still out and about, some of these may not be feasible yet. But then, they are just ideas, sparks to set off your own thinking reel, so, by all means, personalize these to the present situation and to your own group of friends.

I’m looking forward to the cool ideas you come up with in the comment section, would you try these or not?