Anti Bucket List | 9 Things I don’t Ever Want To Experience

You probably already know all about bucket lists. Most people have them, I do too. Items on our bucket lists are things that we want to do, at least once in our life before we (as the name implies) kick the bucket. It’s pretty obvious then what the anti bucket list is about. Like I said above, the anti bucket list includes things I don’t want to do or to have happen to me. In this post, I’ll be listing 9 of them.

Anti bucket list

Here we go:


conjunctivitis Anti bucket list

A.K.A Apollo, A.K.A red-eye, A.K.A I hate it so much. Whenever there’s a breakout of conjunctivitis near me, I basically put myself on quarantine until everything is clear. If someone near me has it, I avoid them like the plague (it IS a plague, right?) Apollo is not only painful, according to people who have had it, it looks painful too. They say if you’ve had it once you can’t have it again, which in my opinion, doesn’t make the thought any more pleasing. I had a scare one time before and trust me, it was not a beautiful experience. Conjunctivitis? No, please.

Drink beer

Beer Anti bucket list

I’m sorry (not) but why would anyone even decide to drink beer. In my opinion, beer tastes like bad decisions and all the things that you shouldn’t do. Out of all the variety that alcohol has to offer, you decide to drink beer, how? Do you even like beer, or you’re drinking it out of peer pressure? Tell me, I won’t tell anyone. Promise.

Eat bugs/worms

edible termites Anti bucket list

The thought alone makes me gag. I know bugs are part of the food options in so many parts of the world, some Nigerians eat winged termites “Esunsun” in Yoruba “Aku” in Igbo, and according to them, they are highly proteinous. I’ll pass though, I am very sure that I could manage with getting my protein elsewhere. After all, there are only like what? Countless choices of food in the world

Tongue piercing

tongue piercing Anti bucket list

If I had a piece of metal in my mouth, how would I eat? (just kidding) But really, apart from imagining how discomforting this would be, my pain threshold is really low. On a scale of 1-10, my pain threshold is 0.000000000006. I probably wouldn’t survive the piercing procedure. For my jewelry placements, I’ll do just fine with the usual piercings.

Get in a catfight

catfight Anti bucket list

Apart from being a very peaceful person (seriously, it’s my mouth that’s active) I have this fear that I’ll get into a catfight with someone and they’ll tear off my clothes, or leave nail scratches on my skin, eesh! I’m not talking about arguments and disagreements here, those are unavoidable, I’m referring to physical fights. This doesn’t mean I can’t put you in your place if you get on my bad side though, I just don’t like to get my hands dirty.

Get my heart broken

Broken heart Anti bucket list

Even the visual image that the phrase brings to mind is disturbing. I have never gone through a heartbreak. You know, those heart wrenching, world-changing kind of heartbreaks and I hope I never do. Because from the reports of those who have gone through it, it’s not exactly a rosy experience. Besides, why would anyone want to break the heart of a baby girl like me?

Not love, love

I love love Anti bucket list

In spite of never wanting to get my heart broken, I would always love love. I hope I never have to go through an experience that makes me see love in a different light. If there’s something you should know about me, it’s that I’m a hopeless romantic and romance is my favorite genre.

Ignore injustice in the world

Injustice Anti bucket list

I don’t ever want to be that person who sees that there’s something wrong, knows they can at least do something, and still does nothing.

Underwater diving

scuba diver Anti bucket list

Why would anyone decide that they don’t want to feel their two legs solidly on the ground and then dive into the ocean when they could, you know, not. Seriously though, this one’s on the list because I don’t really feel comfortable with large bodies of water. At the moment, that even includes pools, but I’m getting over that.

Okay, that’s all.

I’m sure there are some things you disagree with, sue me (please don’t), but you could tell me in the comments below. Also, I’d like to know the things you don’t ever want to do or experience.