Godspeed to the love of my life

Am I the love of my own Life?

Note: Read while listening to Godspeed by James Blake

Literally, I’m dedicating “Godspeed” by James Blake to the love of my life. Music is a very great part of life which is why I’m using it to present this so delicate, yet strong love relationship. Godspeed is a song that lays it meaning simply, not much guesswork in the lyrics.

I’ll always love you, how I do/ I’ll let go of a prayer for you/

It’s a sweet world/ the table is prepared for you

James Blake “Godspeed”

Godspeed is said to be the original composer’s reflection of his youth, but it also plainly conveys the message of letting go, of the real growth that comes with moving on from a broken heart with no lingering feelings of animosity.

Using “Godspeed’ as my emissary here, I’m building on the promise of the future, starting a different but not so new phase of my life. Vowing to always be there, to push through the challenges together. This may seem at odds with saying I’ll let go of my claim on you/ It’s a free world but you have to fly, you need to fly, to eventually reach that pinnacle of perfection where your flaws only make you shine all the brighter.

Wishing you godspeed, glory/ There will be mountains you won’t move/

Still, I’ll always be there for you/ How I do/
I’ll let go of my claim on you
It’s a free world/ You look down on where you came from sometimes
Still, you’ll have this place to call home always

James Blake “Godspeed”