Too Late To Start Crypto? Not Exactly, Mine Pi

We live in a world where anything is possible. And over time it has been observed that we only need one person to show it.

So again anything and everything is possible. Many years before now, who knew that there could be a Technology called Blockchain which will help to redefine finance, putting power away from our government into our hands. And that’s it, the Blockchain Technology.

The technology that is behind cryptocurrency. It came into light after Satoshi Nakomoto the founder of the first cryptocurrency called Bitcoin who also created the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Pi Network - The Global Crypto

If you have probably read the Bitcoin white paper (Bitcoin road map). You will notice that it was a cryptocurrency that was designed to aid a peer-to-peer transaction. i.e I and you exchanging daily goods and services without the need for any intermediary, for example, Bank.

Oh how sweet that is. Imagine I just met you online for the very first time and we probably have a form of value we would like to exchange. And all I need to is to send you my wallet address and boom! Money (in form of crypto) is already in my crypto wallet.

There is no need for my money to pass through banks which could cause a delay, no need for some, huge transaction fee, no need for trust (in that sense).

That is what a peer-to-peer transaction means, and we are grateful to Satoshi Nakomoto for his invention, but along the line, something went wrong.

A currency that was meant to be used as a medium of exchange for daily goods and services now became a currency for the storage of value (tending towards what gold is used for)

A currency that aimed to be used as a form of exchange for daily goods and services, taking power away from central authorities into everyday people’s hands, has failed in its attempt. We really couldn’t call what is supposed to be decentralized but isn’t, decentralized any longer. So many things have changed.

Where am I going to?

What was supposed to be a “Global crypto-currency” within my definition of context, isn’t really is any longer. Just about 1% of the world population holds Bitcoin and many are not willing to sell but to acquire more. Satoshi thanks once again, but bitcoin isn’t for everyday people and it can’t ever be.

So what’s up Pi network?

Paying close attention to the “Our Vision”…
For such a currency that has such a vision, it needed to come with a unique pattern different from all other cryptocurrencies if it really wants it to be used by everyday people from everyday transactions.

That’s is why we are allowed to mine for free by Just pushing a lightening bot every 24hours! It must be in the hands of a good number of everyday people before it starts gaining value, else it won’t achieve its vision.

That’s why we have millions who have the Pi network already even if it doesn’t have a specific value yet. And I can say confidently that the Pi network will redefine cryptocurrency.

How ?

By making sure that it is truly decentralized, by it being in the hands of everyday people.
“How about the total supply? If it’s too much in supply, it won’t gain value now”

Calm down! You are wrong. That currency is little in supply doesn’t automatically means it won’t have value. Some other factors are more important to be looked into before total supply should be considered.

With a proper understanding of what Pi will be used for (daily goods and services) total supply can never be an issue for the Pi network.

To avoid information overload, I’ll stop here today. But if there is anything you should take home, it’s that the Pi network is different in many major ways from all other cryptocurrencies that have ever existed.

A lot of crypto savvies don’t see it yet, those that do are patiently waiting for phase 3. This is why you should take mining seriously.

Tell people about it, invite more people to this journey. You will help the project and yourself that way. I can assure you that it’s going to be a win-win in the end.

To get started, Mine Pi TODAY. Invitation code to input; tolasglamore

Article By: Kuforiji Fikunayo (WhatsApp; +2349081724516)