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Clothes and accessories that I am going to be listing here are ones that I love so much. They are also must-haves for ladies. Most likely a week can’t go by without my outfit selection featuring one of these. Whether due to versatility, the circumstances surrounding its possession, or just my sheer love for it. No matter that the world isn’t back in full swing yet, when we go out we still have to put something on right?

Non fitted jeans

Non fitted jeans must haves for ladies

I think it goes without saying that denim is never going out of fashion. non-fitted jeans for me are at the top of the denim hierarchy after which is the denim jacket, but more of that later. Talk about easy fashion, it gives all of the poise of denim without the stress. Loose jeans can do casual or be played up. It all depends on how you style it. This is why denim is on my list of must-haves for ladies. What’s not to love?

Tank top

Tank top must haves for ladies

In different colors or designs, as a layer or the main clothing tank tops are a necessity. It’s useful when I’m just lounging at home or something to layer under my jacket. It could also be that lovely, simple bodysuit that you’d combine with a trouser or a skirt. However way you want to wear it, a tank top is always ready to bend to your will.


Leggings must haves for ladies

Like most items on this list, leggings are a must-have article of clothing because of its versatility. Leggings act as my workout go to, a layer under some too short shirts, a companion for big tees, loungewear, you name it. The possibilities are endless and quirky color options make it all the more fun.


Jumpsuit must haves for ladies

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is a wardrobe essential that brings instant sophistication and class. Also, with jumpsuits, I don’t have to stress about a top or bottom. It’s a whole outfit already, no indecisiveness here. Apart from the teeny weeny bathroom inconvenience that jumpsuits are associated with, (which they overcompensate for with their elegance), you’re good.

Wide leg pants

wide leg pants must haves for ladies

If you’re noticing a trend here, it’s because I don’t really fancy tight trousers. Wide leg pants are must-haves for ladies and a double deal for me, they are super comfy, (10/10 please) and tip: they make you look taller. Overall they make you look flattering, must-haves for me.

Midi Gown

Midi ankara gown must haves for ladies

A midi gown is a necessity for me because it’s versatile. Also because it saves me stress, a whole outfit on its own, I love those. A Little Black Dress (LBD) which is the most common option would do on most days and sometimes I’d opt for a print dress. For this, I love Ankara prints because of their vibrancy.


Sandals must haves for ladies

Sandals are easy to wear and they are also comfy. That is the major thing there is to it. Sandals are so practical and also cute depending on the design you have. If you want, you can get waterproof sandals too, tada!

White sneakers

White sneakers must haves for ladies

White kicks are a non-negotiable wardrobe necessity. They manage to pull off trend and timeless at the same time. White sneakers are a ready companion to almost any outfit, as long as you have your hands on a flattering pair. Keep them clean and you’re good to go.

Neutral flats

Black flats must haves for ladies

This may be a loafer or ballet flats in a neutral color, a versatile color. Think black or nudes. If you wear heels often, flats help to give your feet a day off, in style. And if you don’t wear heels often, all the better.

Tiny Jewelry

Tiny jewelry must haves for ladies

If you’re going with a simple look or you don’t know how to pair or combine jewelry, then tiny is the way to go. I love how effortless it is, I especially love layering tiny jewelry, from understated earrings to rings and necklaces.

Pearl Earrings

Pearl stud must haves for ladies

Pearl earrings are a classic and I’m surprised so many people aren’t delving into this goodness yet. They can be paired with anything from midi dresses, jeans to formal wear. I usually either wear pearl stud earrings, they are quite small and fit any setting or pearl drop earrings.

Silk Scarves

For bad hair days, as a head band, an outfit accessory, I’ll let these pictures do the talking.

If you’re wondering how you can fill up your wardrobe with these essentials on a budget, check out my post here on affordable shopping.

What are your must-haves when it comes to personal style? Let me know in the comments below.


must haves for ladies