Places and tips you are probably missing on your search for affordable clothing

There are a lot of things that bring me joy in this life but I got to admit, buying clothes is something you’ll find at the top of that list. And if it’s affordable clothing, all the better.

Clothing is one of the most important needs in life and I just happen to love it. A necessity that makes me happy – yes, please! I’d shop every day if I could, but I can’t, why? Because most often than not, I’m a broke college kid. How then do I overcome this little (BIG) inconvenience that is money? It’s easy. I look for places where I can get the flyiest clothes for less. With the options in this post, it becomes even easier to get clothing essentials that every lady needs. Even if I’m compromising on price, I’m definitely not compromising on quality or sacrificing “looking good”


Thrift stores are a gold mine when it comes to affordable clothing. These stores are so fascinating, with a wide range of items and a selection of decades of clothing.

Buying at thrift stores saves you a lot of money. On your budget, you can buy clothes three times with the same amount you’d spend on just one item of clothing at regular retail stores.

Also, one thing most people don’t know is that, thrift stores boast of higher quality items and most times you stumble on designer pieces. Some thrift stores also go under the term “pre-loved items” i.e. previously owned items.

How to find thrift stores near you? It’s as easy as a quick instagram search. Instagram, because most stores are really small businesses that won’t show up in the google search or directory.

If you prefer a brick and mortar store where you can see what you’re about to buy, I’m sure there tons of it around you, you’re just not asking or looking well.

Here’s a tip, thrift stores don’t have the flashy and exhibitionist look that regular cloth stores do. Check the market nearest to you and there just might be a thrift store there – in fact, I’m sure of it.







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Dress SOLD ❌❌❌ Size 10 Price 1500

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❌❌SOLD❌❌ JUL 259

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Most times either in the name, tagline, or advertisement, budget stores let you know immediately that they’re all about budget and affordable clothing.


The first thing you see when you land on their instagram page or website is them letting you know that they’re affordable i.e. if you haven’t already deduced it from their name – I’m sure you have.
At the 5k shop, everything they sell is on or below the 5k margin.

Also you can get affordable clothing on Jumia and Konga if you check well.


I call this category the high ends of affordable clothing because, normally they are not high end stores, but in comparison to the others in this post – they’re a bit on the high end.

Some articles of clothing you won’t find in thrift stores and budget stores, so you can get them here. Special occasion, evening event, that special blazer, these ones have got you covered.

The offline versions of this are still not those very flashy stores with the 20k per dress price tag. Do you know those small boutiques, with the manipulative blue lights? Yes, those.

Online affordable clothing outlets in this category include


Boohoo affordable clothing


ASOS affordable clothing


Pretty little thing affordable clothing

With the above brands, there’s affordable and the not so affordable. It all depends on what you’re looking for


  1. DISCOUNT: Before buying anything online, always find out if you can get a coupon or cashback offer for it. Check out Totum for great student discounts.
  2. CHEAP ISN’T FREE; Sometimes you see a cloth on sale and you’re thinking “that’s a really good deal” but most times you stsdon’t even need it. Don’t buy something you don’t need just because it’s a good offer. Cheap isn’t free
  3. DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS; Stick to classic styles that can last you a long while. To save more over time, don’t follow trends. It’s trending now but there’s a very high possibility that it won’t be in a few months. Then you won’t be able to wear it anymore. Unless you think it’s essential to your personal style and would still be a valuable asset to your wardrobe in the next year, don’t buy it.
  4. Avoid impulse buying; Before shopping, make a list of what you need and are going to buy. This helps to avoid impulse buying.
  5. Only spend money on the life you have now; Shopping with a mindset like “that dress would fit me so well once I start my diet’ or shopping for that place you’re hoping you can go next year. That’s aspirational shopping and it can get expensive fast. Don’t spend money for the present on the future, when you need that dress, you’ll buy it. As a student that I am now, most times when I’m buying things I think “can I wear this to school?” It’s why I don’t own a lot of heels.
  6. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it; It’s that simple, don’t buy clothing on credit. Clothes are not an investment that you’ll earn from, why then should buy them on credit, tell me, why?
  7. Be ready to hunt; Ever heard the phrase “nothing good comes easy”? Well, it’s not that serious but to find lovely pieces and to actually put together breathtaking fashion combos, you have to put in some work. It may be that you might not find everything you’re looking for in one store or you have to search and search. Be ready to dig deep. I don’t mind, as long as it saves me money.


Fashion is theraphy for my soul, but fashion on a budget? My dears, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Did you find this helpful? Do you have any more tips that work for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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